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  • Barbara Bour

Most Yard Waste is Not Waste At All, It's an Asset

Updated: May 27, 2020

A of what we do to maintain our yards costs a lot of time and money and is not so great from environmental and habitat standpoint.

Typical lawn & yard maintenance cycle:

Starts with spring clean up, including blowing & hauling of leaves and yard waste by truck (at expense to home owner).

Next is hauling and application mulch in beds (at expense to home owner)

Summer lawn and yard maintenance with lots of blowing & hauling of lawn clippings

Fall cleanup includes blowing leaves to curb, followed by town pick up & hauling (at expense to both homeowner and town---really tax payers).

This adds up to a lot of air pollution (blowing and trucking), damage to soil and habitat.

What is the alternative? Use the hidden asset of yard waste.

Much of what we consider waste is not. Lawn clippings and leaves are free fertilizer, soil conditioner, mulch and habitat support. They reduce need for fertilizer and water.

Lawn clippings and leaves can be mulched into lawns. Modern mowers and lawn service mowers work well.

Leaves that accumulate in beds and under shrubs should remain there. This is best for soil, habitat and reduces need for mulch.

This change in practice is something I think landscapers can adjust to.

Your lawn, perennials, shrubs, trees, beneficial bugs and birds will thank you.

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